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Once Upon a Dinner Time: Once a month freezer to crock pot meal planning

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Do you often feel like there is not enough time in the day? Do you often wish there were a way to prepare dinner easier? Do thoughts of having dinner set and already prepared on your dinner table dance in your head while you are at work? Does the stress of having to think of new meal ideas have you up at night sometimes unable to get to sleep? If any of these questions are true for you then once a month cooking recipes will be the answer you are looking for!

Once a month cooking recipes are exactly what they sound like. They are recipes that allow you to cook a meal once and have it last all month long. How is this possible? Once a month recipes are for meals that you can freeze, take out and reheat easily. They provide you with the ability to still provide your family and friends with home cooked meals with the convenience of fast food.

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This is a ONCE A MONTH COOKING recipe. I bake this chicken then freeze it. On serving day I cook the pasta and heat some *REDUCED FAT GARLIC ALFREDO SAUCE" to pour on top of it. You need about 3 cups of sauce for this recipe

Many married couples or single parents who work find once a month recipes a blessing in disguise. They are able to provide their children with the wholesome nutrition of home cooked meals and yet they do not have worry daily or weekly about what to prepare for dinner and take extra time each night to prepare a new dish. Once a month recipes are true, life-saving, time savers.