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number gestures are a method of using one hand to signify the one through ten. This method may have been developed to bridge the many —for example, the numbers 4 (: ; : ) and 10 (: ; : ) are hard to distinguish in some dialects. Some suggest that it was also used by business people during bargaining (i.e., to convey a bid by feeling the hand gesture in a sleeve) when they wish for more privacy in a public place. These gestures are fully integrated into .

One of my most memorable early adventures in China happened while I was grocery shopping. Now, we all know that body language is important, and that certain hand signals are not appropriate. I’d asked about this before I went to China, and felt like I had a good grasp of what not to do. But I ran into a different difficulty with hand signs. See, I’d gone to Germany before, and while I was there I learned that Germans start counting with the thumb. If you hold up your thumb it means one, your index finger means two, and so on. Naïvely I assumed that that was how one counted in different countries. However, the Chinese have hand signals for the numbers one through ten.

Write the numbers one through ten.

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Learn the spelling of the words, one through ten below:

So the book deals in the rich symbolic content of the numbers one through ten. Those symbols show themselves in two ways: directly in nature, and in art and technology as they mirror nature.