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DMOZ - Kids and Teens: Pre-School: Online Stories

This website is brilliant for learning to read. It is very interactive with lots of games. The girls like the game where they can make themselves and choose their favourite things. You can also rad and online story based around different phonics sounds.

This website has a good selection of stories. It is intended for kids to learn English but the online stories would appeal to native English speakers too. The animations are sweet and the stories are engaging. Unfortunately you can’t seem to turn off the sound and read it yourself. It would be nice to have this option.

Free Online Stories -- The Sweet Smelling Skunk

  • Ant Bee's Children's Stories
    funny short stories with rhyming words; no audio or animation
  • Berenstain Bears Storytime
    create your own story about one of the Berenstain Bears; choose words to complete the sentences; has audio
  • Between the Lions
    from the PBS series; read these online stories and then play related games
  • Children's Storybooks Online
    illustrated stories for children of all ages; some are better than others
  • E-Books by Sunshine Online
    many of these books have animation and sound effects; perfect for young learners
  • Fablevision
    Online and downloadable books.
  • Lil-fingers
    storybooks for pre-k and kindergarten students
  • The Scoop Adventure Page
    Interactive stories where YOU choose what happens next!

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I think children are so lucky. There is so much choice and variety and the arrival of the internet means they can have instant access to what will hold their interest. I love the fact you can go on the internet and find a story for kids – completely free. Most kids are highly motivated by reading on the computer. It might be the same story in their class book but for some reason put it on the screen and it is a million times more interesting. I know there is an argument for limiting screen time but how can you argue when you see a normally reluctant reader entranced by their online story?

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