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In all, Creating the Perfect Design Brief asks designers to consider how they work. It’s helpful to have a process in place, but don’t let it streamline your creative activities. Design briefs and design management should help you work better. Currently, there’s a flood of self-help books on the shelves that cover everything from diet to exercise to divorce. Creating the Perfect Design Brief feels like self-help for designers. After finishing it, I believe I can take my job and my abilities to another level.

While the book’s title centers on design briefs, Phillips goes one step further, discussing issues such as design management, competitive analysis, art versus design, overcoming obstacles, and measuring results. Like a designer, Creating the Perfect Design Brief tackles a broad range of material. Phillips brings it to the table in an accessible manner, making the book read much like a classroom text. This should come as no surprise. Phillips himself has given numerous seminars on design management, such as brand development, identity strategies, and communication programs. Sponsored by the (D.M.I.), the book mirrors some of their goals, insomuch as showing how design can play an integral part in business strategy.

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    Creating the Perfect Design Brief is the most recent in a series of seminars hosted by the non-profit Design Management Institute (DMI). Founded in 1975, DMI has as its goal increasing the awareness of design as an essential part of business strategy. As an authority on design management, it provides a membership program, hosts related conferences and seminars, and generates a range of publications.