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PSYCHO 2 grabbed me by the lapel and taught me a dire lesson in table manners. Off the top of my head, apart from ALIENS to ALIEN, I can’t think of one other horror sequel right now that managed to be just as good as its “daddy”, but in its own rights. PSYCHO 2 stood firmly on its two kitchen knives like a big boy and delivered the macabre goods with smarts and class. First and foremost, I applauded the ingenious and highly engrossing screenplay by then-scribe and now also director Tom Holland (who directed "Child’s Play" and "Fright Night"). Holland expanded on the Bates character masterfully while nodding the original at just the right level (Having Lila Loomis back was genius). Thankfully, at the same time as acting as a solid sequel, the script also had its own warped tale to tell and effortlessly stood tall while conveying it.

22 years after Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO stabbed the screen and revolutionized the genre came the sequel PSYCHO 2. Who knew there would be more to tell after the original? Who suspected that it would actually ever come to light (I’m sure Hitch’s passing had to do with that)? And most of all…who could’ve guessed that it would’ve turned out to be this damn, freaking good!

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    Overall, PSYCHO 2 was a low-key, absorbing, well acted, brilliantly written and expertly directed horror film. It was filled with mystery, evoked high anticipation from my silly self and sported a twist ending that made me slip on a soap bar and fall out of the shower. If there was to be a sequel to the untouchable gem that is PSYCHO, I am beyond delighted that it came in this package. Really, I don’t know what else one could’ve wanted. TOP NOTCH!

    Robert Bloch (the man who wrote the PSYCHO book) also wrote a book called PSYCHO 2. The book and the film have nothing to do with each other. Two different stories.