Mena reading at 4 yrs. 10 months

Pete the Cat: Pete at the Beach (My First I Can Read)


mathematics, and reading activities spanning pre-k to 2nd grade.

While that is certainly quite an accomplishment that she is reading at the 4th grade level at age 4, I find it a bit ridiculous to brag about. As a mother of a 4 year old, this would annoy me if you were chatting about this at the park. Our kids develop at their own speed -it does not make one better than another.

“Grandma Sherbert” this is what I do too! I keep sidewalk chalk in full supply. They can trace, and trace over your letters. They can play ABC hopscotch, while we sing the alphabet. I have 2 kids, one is 4 and the other 5 (and tend to be close in learning capabiliites i.e. learning toghether, helping each other). The outside elements can be used as learning support. Start taking it one step further, and find the ta-ta-tree that starts with T and ta-ta-teeth starts with t too, well so does the number two! Why push them, as a PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR, the only issues pushing a child will create, (such as the 4 year old reading at 4th grade level shame-shame-mommy) the child will develop anxiety issues, confidence issues, relational issues, and the harder the pusher the more you will see Obsessive compulsive disorder, and did I say multiple anxiety realted issues, perfectionist issues, acute shyness can occur as well. All things, that later on, your child-teen-or-adult will be sitting in my office over. CONFUSION over what is normal, what normal even is, and why no matter what you try you cannot acheive that feeling of just being plain ole’ normal, due to the over-expectations your mother had. You then have them for yourself, and suffer miserably!
Go outisde, buy you child some ch-ch-chalk, an some i-i-ice cream and trace some la-la-leaves. Thank you

Reading aloud in unison with a whole class or small group helps ..

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