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The Toledo Clinic is established to provide specialty medical referral services for the care and treatment of both well people and people with chronic conditions. In providing this medical service, we recognize basic human rights and the dignity of our patients. The Toledo Clinic and its staff of physicians and employees are dedicated to quality medical care, and in providing this care, we strive to protect the rights of our patients, including:

It is the right of every patient to openly discuss with his/her physician the specific fees for the service to be rendered by that physician or any physician within the Clinic to whom that patient has been referred.

Patients' Rights and Responsibilities Your Rights as a Patient

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Patients' Rights in the American Healthcare System

405.7 Patients' rights. The hospital shall ensure that all patients including inpatients, outpatients and emergency service patients, are afforded their rights as set forth in subdivision (b) of this section. The hospital's responsibility for assuring patients' rights includes both providing patients with a copy of these rights as set forth in subdivision (c) of this section and providing assistance to patients to understand and exercise these rights. Each general hospital patient who has been removed but not discharged from a hospital for the mentally ill operated or licensed under the Mental Hygiene Law shall maintain his or her status and rights as a patient pursuant to article 9 of the State Mental Hygiene Law and 14 NYCRR part 527 (Rights of Patients).

(1) exercise these rights regardless of the patient's language or impairment of hearing or vision. Skilled interpreters shall be provided to assist patients in using these rights;