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From Hollywood To Heaven

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Vision of Heaven robin harfouche part 4 ,miracles and healing cont

Apostle Dr. Robin Harfouche — Miracles Today Show: Real estate agent Meg, was drowning in over $40000 worth of bills. Hear how God miraculously brought her out and transitioned her into owning over 2 million dollars worth of real estate in just a few short years – through the teaching of the International Miracle Institute.

Welcome to the section of This program is produced by Apostles Doctor Christian and Robin Harfouche. This Christian television show has a potential viewing audience of over 5 Billion people. Their episodes feature unscripted victories and real-life miracle testimonies.

Guest Speaker Dr. Robin Harfouche

Battles of the Elohim: They Walked as Men
by Dr. Christian Harfouche and Dr. Robin Harfouche

Dr. Robin Harfouche shares her testimony - Part 1

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Robin Harfouche was on a supernatural rise toward Hollywood's "A" list as both an actress and a dancer. Her manager, who also represented Shirley MacLaine, was a New Age leader. When Robin began to pull back from New Age control, she had a demonic accident-a 150-pound door fell on her. Wheelchair bound and without hope, pain was her constant companion.

Sid: You’re going to get such insights into the supernatural through this week, my guest is Dr. Robin Harfouche and she was groomed from childhood to propagate the New Age religion and even as a young child she would be able to read people’s minds and when she got to college she bumped into a spirit guide. She was about eighteen and the spirit guide’s name was Marilyn and she said that she would groom Robin Harfouche into being a spokeswoman for the New Age religion and that the spirit guide would take her step by step. One of the things that happened which was so amazing, Robin is that you received a phone call from a prominent Hollywood Producer Director and what did he say to you?