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"Knock His Block Off!' Who did this product most appeal to? Why? The market niche for this classic toy was for boys between the ages of 5 to 10 because it was a game that involved competition, strategy, and fighting. The fad those days were space toys and robots and keeping up with the demand, Marx produced the Rock Em Sock Em Robots. It kept boys out of trouble for countless hours. Major Changes in product, price, promotion, and distribution over the years There hasn't been major changes in the product throughout the years. Most people prefer the original design over the newer models that have come out in past years. For example: Buzz Lightyear vs Zurg. There has also been memorabilia such as t-shirts, movies, ornaments, video games, Iphone App, etc. Also, Rock Em Sock Em Robots have been featured in movies such as Toy Story and Sweet Home Alabama. Collector's Value Today: It's retail price is set at $22.99 and is sold at Toys R Us. The original toy, will now be sold anywhere between $30 and $100 depending on it's condition. Entrepreneurship Old Tyme Toys Assignment

By Joanna and Christina Rock Em Sock Em Robots was an instant hit when it first came out. A simple game that involved two players facing each other across a yellow plastic ring, each controlling either a red or blue robot with a set of joysticks. The red robot was appropriately named the "Red Rocker" and the blue robot, "Blue Bomber." By pushing buttons on the joystick, the players could take swings at each other with their robots. If you hit your opponent hard enough (under the chin) and at the the right angle, your robot will knock the other robot's head off, but not all the way off. There's a spring in the neck, so you could pop the head back on and go for round two. Original Designer/ Year of Introduction/ Manufacturer: Product Description: It was manufactured by Marx Toy Co and designed by Marvin Glass and associates. It went on the market in 1966, being sold mainly in North America but also sold in places like the United Kingdom. Can this product be successful again today? Why? The Rock Em Sock Em robots can be successful today due to the fact that boys are still interested in these type of toys. With the toy having its original appeal and a little bit of a new design, will make it able to be a top toy for this generation. With video games like Call of Duty and Mine Craft on the market, Rock Em Sock Em Robots fits perfectly in between. This game can be played for hours and there are a variety of new things that you can do with this toy. You're in control of the robot and it's also a strategic game. To hit that sweet spot underneath the chin, the player has to stragetize and time his/her movements perfectly. If it was so popular back in the 60's , then it can make a come back. Plus, it has the added value of knocking your opponent's head off. Explain the ways in which you can keep this toy alive for another generation. (i.e. product design or repackaging) With the toy having its original appeal and a little bit of a new design, will make it able to be a top toy for this generation. The concept of the game is huge and has video games based on this where it involves blue and red soldiers battling each other. To make this toy more appealing we would, update the toy so they are actual robots who fight each other in a boxing ring. That is controlled by two remotes one that is blue and the other red. Keeping the original colours and concept alive. Or players could customize their robots to whatever they want. Keeping up with pop culture, a way to keep this toy in business would be to find objects or characters that battle each other in popular movies, tv shows, books, etc. For example: We keep the original robot shape and design of the ring, but we replace the Blue Bomber and Red Rocker with fictional characters such as Batman and the Joker. Strengths: Newly redesigned packaging and concept.

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The generation below Generation Y, the tween generation, might not like the product because they didn't grow up with it. If Generation Y doesn't take to the revamped Rock Em Sock Em Robots, then the tween generation won't either. That's because Generation Y heavily influences the tween generation. Threats: There are Iphone apps and video games that are based off of Rock Em Sock Em Robots. It's more accessible, and you will always have it with you if you download the app.

Rock em Sock em Robots is such a classic game! It will bring back memories for parents as they used to play this game as children. And besides the fun...these guys teach strategy, patience and dexterity. Now let's rock and sock!