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Although largely replaced by the modern A-Z thesaurus format, the thematic organization of the original Roget thesaurus set the standard for many years. This new edition of the renowned Webster's New World(TM) Thesaurus combines a thematic index, based on Roget's original categories, with the proven usefulness of its A-Z listing. New introductory material and an interpretive essay on Roget and his work reintroduce Roget's organizational technique to a new generation of thesaurus users. A helpful appendix produces lists of important terms grouped by their endings such as -cracy/-crat (government types), -ology/-ologist (field of scholarship), and more. Webster's New World(TM) Roget's A-Z Thesaurus gives writers what they really need -- more synonyms, with the broadest and most useful range of comparisons, examples, and related terms and ideas. It is the only college thesaurus to offer synonym discussion paragraphs and clearly distinguished example lists. Writers and speakers everywhere will find that when they have to say it better, Webster's New World(TM) Roget's A-Z Thesaurus, unique in concept and revolutionary in design, can help them say it best.

Last spring, as many of you know, I retired from teaching. The Roget Thesaurus came home to live on my own bookshelf – although not in the room where I usually write. A week or so ago, frustrated because I couldn’t find a synonym that would make a broken sentence work, I heaved a sigh and finally got off my butt. I walked away from the computer, all the way into the next room, and opened Roget’s. I am ashamed to say that I hadn’t used this thesaurus for my own work in years.

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