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Rosie Revere, Engineer


rosie revere engineer an empowering tale about a young girl

My name is Sarah Dawe and I teach First Grade at the Brookwood School in Manchester, MA. My Halloween costume this year was inspired by the children's book, Rosie Revere Engineer. Rosie is a young inventor who designs gizmos, gadgets and flying machines. At first Rosie is worried that her ideas will be failures so she hides from creations from the world. It is a story about risk taking, breaking stereotypes, appreciating that failure is a step towards creative success and believing in yourself. I want both the young girls and boys that I teach to learn that they can be engineers and find success in technology fields.
How To Make Flying Machine:
1. Cut the bottom out of a plastic laundry basket
2. Build a frame using PVC pipes and 2 and 4 way plastic connectors
3. Attach PVC pipes with plastic ties in the 4 inside corners of the laundry basket
4. Make top and bottom hoop for the balloon and wrap them through the pipes
5. Attach many colored balloons to the hoops
6. Line basket rim with foam
7. Make straps for body out of heavy ribbon and weave through basket slits
8. Attach paper sand bags
9. Get ready to take flight :)

In this lesson students design "helmets" for their eggs to help prevent injury. So cool! #math #science #STEM Recommended by Andrea Beaty, author of Rosie Revere Engineer.

Rosie Revere Engineer in her Flying Machine!

Rosie Revere Engineer - Present Indicative

WEEKLY TODDLER THEME (CONSTRUCTION): Books- Rosie Revere Engineer, That's How!...Activities- walked near local construction sites to see all the big machines, played with dump trucks in the sandbox, built block towers, played the Little Builder iPad app...Bible Story- Solomon building the temple

Rosie Revere Engineer, written by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts, tells the story of a little girl who spends her time inventing gizmos and gadgets while dreaming of becoming an engineer. As often happens to children, her inventions were not always appreciated and sometimes did not work. She became discouraged, hid her inventions and eventually set aside her dreams. With encouragement from her great great aunt who applauds her efforts, Rosie learns to persevere and use failure as a learning tool during the design process.