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Next time a meet occurs as detailed above, don’t say "Oh no, now what?" You can hone your skills as a model railroad operator and work your way through the operation and at the same time perhaps treat the paying public to that most mystifying operation of all, the double saw bye.

Veteran D&RGW engineer Andy Payne said old Arboles was the meeting point for freight trains on the Durango-Chama district and saw bys occurred often. While the railroad lengthened the Toltec siding to avoid that on the Cumbres Pass section no sidings were lengthened west of Chama. In fact Carracas siding, the most favorable point for siding extention about halfway between Chama and Durango, was taken out when the San Juans quit running. This was fuel for veteran trainmen and enginemen to take jabs at management, especially when sawing at old Arboles.

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The Complete Circular Saw Review by Mitchell Dillman

STEP 1: Both the Eastbound (black) and Westbound (white) trains exceed the siding length. We will assume it is at least 20 miles in either direction to another siding, and the double saw bye is the most efficient operation available. We see from inspection that the Westbound train can be broken between cars 10 and 11, and the Eastbound train can be broken between cars 9 and 10 so that the head ends fit the siding.

Model railroaders should learn to operate the railroad, and the double saw bye (or even the common single saw bye) should be used as required. Perhaps these operations are shunned because of lack of understanding of the exact movements required to perform them or because it is "just too much trouble".