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Defining SF Books:
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  • This was a virtually impossible task

    I previously felt there were zillions of great SF books from the 1950s, but when I did the research I found far fewer than my nostalgia remembers. Below is a list of SF books that are vivid in my memory still, and I constantly remember seeing at libraries, bookstores, garage sales, friend’s bookshelves, etc., when I first began looking for science fiction. Library of America only publishes American writers, but I’m including the British ones I remember too. The other thing I forgot is how many great 1950s science fiction books were collections of short stories. The Foundation Trilogy is really three volumes of short stories. Some books like City, A Case of Conscience or The Martian Chronicles, were called “fix-up” novels, but originally appeared as stories in the magazines.

    Science fiction is a rather interesting realm. It is doubtful if SF is a part of the elite literary stuff, but it undeniably has a loyal and fairly broad fan base. Classic SF books have always made significant impact on the readers and a lot of them have sneaked into bestseller lists. SF gurus like H.G wells, Jules Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, Frank Herbert and others are widely considered among the best of writers.