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90 individual songs about purebred dogs available through iTunes or:

Tennessee Hound Dog

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The Poodle Dog Song

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Song About My Dog

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Songs About Dogs

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Top ten songs about dogs - Louder Than War

Don Jamieson is a guest contributor to Loudwire. He is the co-host of , which recently completed its 14th season on VH1 Classic. You can also catch Jamieson on the stand-up comedy circuit. Keep up with him at his or his . Please note that Don Jamieson’s opinions do not necessarily reflect those of Loudwire. Check out his picks for the Top 10 Songs About Dogs below:

It looks like we aren't the only ones inspired by dogs! Whether they're singing lead vocals or the title's inspiration, these songs about dogs have left their mark on music. The next time you're going to make a Summer playlist, keep your furry friends in mind with these tunes.

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Jez Lowe's Aloyisius

Smith & Hagger's Black Shuk (I imagine that The Darkness' song of the same title features the same legendary hound but having not heard it, I can't say for sure).

Top 10 Songs About Dogs - Loudwire

I was sitting listening to Big Frog 104 one day, and on the radio I hear Blake Shelton's 'Ol' Red.' As I was sitting there singing along, I wondered to myself, are there any other country songs about dogs? And, from there, I was on a quest to find the best country songs about dogs. *Update*–With the recent popularity of Billy Currington's 'Like My Dog,' I had to bring this story back from the archives and add it to my list.

At some point, we’ve all sung an ode to our four-legged best friend. Alas, crooning “whoooooooo’s a goooooood doggieeeeee?” a dozen times in a row will never crack the Billboard charts, no matter how much tail-wagging excitement it generates. Thankfully, some dog lovers with actual musical talent have paid tribute to their furry pals in song. Here are five of our favorite songs about dogs for your listening enjoyment …