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Having noticed a growing amount of children watching these videos, he slowly grew out of the habit of swearing and cursing. Since his main channel (stampylongnose) included swearing and cursing, he gradually transitioned to the newer, cleaner channel, where has stayed ever since. It is still open to the public though, but the channel and its videos are currently unlisted to prevent children from watching those, as it contains many inappropriate content.

Stampylongnose was the first YouTube channel made by . It has a subscriber count of over 300,000. In 2012, he transitioned onto his current channel, , however he reused it again in 2016 for his new vlogs and the newly-released videos.

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    You know you’re a proper grown-up when you can do three things: drink a Bloody Mary without gagging, discuss house prices and greet a youth trend with bewildered incomprehension. You'll have to believe me when I say I can do the first, the evidence for the second is , but the third had always eluded me. Until now - until the moment I discovered Stampylongnose.

    Stampylongnose, Stampylonghead, Stampy Cat, call him what you will. All I know is that my nephew and niece love him. They say they like him more than the TV and, though I didn’t ask for fear of appearing needy in front of a ten-year-old and an eight-year-old, they probably like him more than me. They spend up to two hours a day watching videos that Stampy - real name Joseph Garrett, a 23-year-old from Portsmouth - has uploaded to Youtube of him and his friends playing , a computer game in which users construct their own world out of building blocks.