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I Don't Want To Be A Leader: Or Do I?

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Tura is now once again on stage as Hamlet and reaches the moment of "To be or not to be." He sees Sobinski in the audience as he begins the speech, but both are amazed when a new young officer gets up and noisily heads backstage.

Tura pretends to be Col. Ehrhardt of the Gestapo, and Siletsky gives him the report containing the names and addresses of the families of the Polish pilots. He also reveals that Sobinski gave him a message for Maria, and that "To be or not to be" was the signal for their rendezvous. Tura reacts in an extremely jealous way and declares he will have Maria arrested. Noting this overreaction, Siletsky quickly sees that he has been duped, pulls a gun on Tura and tries to escape, but is shot and killed by Sobinski. Tura returns to the hotel disguised as Siletsky in a fake beard and glasses, to destroy the copy of the information about the Polish resistance that Siletsky has in his trunk. Unfortunately, he's met at the hotel by the real Col. Ehrhardt's adjutant, Capt. Schultz (), and taken to meet Ehrhardt himself (). Tura manages to pass himself off as Siletsky, and learns that Hitler himself will visit Warsaw the next day.

To be or not to be-that is the question:

Hamlet -- To Be or Not to Be (Act 3, Scene 1) --

Shakespeare speaks rhetorically through Hamlet (soliloquy) of an
unknown ethereal post mortem state. There is no legitimate answer
to the living. No doubt Shakespeare paused in deep thought more than once to have been confounded and frustrated between gross disparity set betwixt life and mortality. “To Be Or Not To Be” does not represent a
real problem for Hamlet/Shakespeare. The real entity comes through a
state of being in a present tense “is” instantly becoming defacto usage for death and finality. The truth ? Only Shakespeare can define his work.

Sobinski is sent to Warsaw to warn the resistance, but Siletsky gets there before him. The flier manages to reach Maria, who passes on the message to the underground. Immediately after, she is stopped by two soldiers, who have been ordered by Siletsky to bring her to him so he can deliver Sobinski's message and determine what "To be or not to be" means to her. Siletsky invites Maria to dinner, hoping to recruit her as a spy, as well as to sample her charms. She pretends to be interested and goes home to dress more appropriately for the occasion. Just before she arrives at her apartment, Tura returns and finds Sobinski in his bed and his bathrobe. Maria and Sobinski try to figure out what to do about Siletsky, while Tura tries to figure out what is going on with his wife and the pilot. In the end, Tura proclaims that will kill Siletsky.