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Temple Stream Member, middle member of Seboomook Formation, is here formally named in west-central Maine. Described as strongly to moderately rusty-weathering, dark gray sulfidic metasandstone, metasiltstone, and metapelite with quartz-rich granule metaconglomerate. Thickness ranges from 200 to 300 m. Overlies Mount Blue Member (new name) and underlies Day Mountain Member (new name). Age is Early Devonian.

Temple Stream Formation listed as an unpublished and unofficial stratigraphic name. Described as sulfidic, rusty-weathering quartzite, mica schist, and muscovite schist. To east and northeast of Dixfield quad., the Saddleback Mountain Formation (new name) is sandwiched by Severy Hill Formation (new name) on southeast and by Temple Stream Formation on northwest. Type locality and derivation of name not given.

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Temple Stream is here raised to formation rank and assigned to Seboomook Group, also raised in rank. Rocks at Boucot's (1961) type section of the Seboomook are designated Northeast Carry Formation, uppermost unit of the Seboomook. Also included in the Seboomook Group are Carrabassett and Hildreths Formations, Ironbound Mountain Formation (of Marvinney, in prep), and Day Mountain and Mount Blue Formations, also raised in rank.