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Of course, you don't go to a film like "Ten Tigers from Kwangtung" fora thought-provoking plot or deep characterizations. You go to a filmlike this for the fights, and this movie does serve up many, manyfights. Because the film features an all-star cast of Shaw Brothersstudio regulars, it can be extremely difficult to keep track ofeverybody (I know I certainly did).

What "Ten Tigers from Kwangtung" suffers from the most are simply toomany characters; the film was meant to be a celebration of sorts thatbrought together the top martial arts movie talents of the ShawBrothers studio at the time. In theory, it's a good idea that shouldwork; the only problem with that, however, is the fact that the film isonly 90 minutes long, which is way too short for what I'm sure was thetype of epic kung-fu grandeur that Chang Cheh was going for. If it hadbeen a half-hour longer, perhaps, the film and story wouldn't seem socrammed and you can better keep track of the characters.

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Оригинальное имя: Guangdong shi hu xing yi wu xi

Год выпуска: 1979

Страна: Гонконг

Жанр: боевые искусства, исторический, драма

Режиссер: Чанг Че

В ролях: Ти Лунг, Александр Фу Шенг, Джонни Ванг, Ло Менг, Лу Фенг, Филлип Квок, Чианг Шенг, Чин Сиу-Хо, Ванг Ли, Ванг Чинг-Хо, Вей Пай, Гук Фунг, Джейми Люк, Дик Вей...

Краткое содержание: Сюжет разворачивается параллельно в двух поколениях неких "тигров из Квантунга". С одной стороны мы имеем историю, в которой "десять тигров из Квантунга" (среди которых все пятеро Веномов, Ти Лунг, Дик Вей, Вей Пей, Фу Шенг и Ма Зе-Пенг) спасают патриота династии Минг от преследования манчжурского генерала (Джонни Ванг). Убив его, они вызывают тем самым спустя несколько поколений гнев потомков этого самого генерала на своих последователей, которые по-прежнему живут в Квантунге (из них единственной известной личностью является лишь Чин Сиу-Хо)... [от Akira]

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Релизы: Десять тигров из Квантунга / Ten Tigers Of Kwangtung / Ten Tigers From Kwangtung

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"Ten Tigers from Kwangtung," released in 1980 and directed by kung-fumovie legend Chang Cheh, is a movie that I partially caught during amartial arts movie marathon on The El Rey Network over the 2015Thanksgiving holiday weekend; the event itself was meant to celebratewhat would have been the 75th birthday of legendary martial arts masterBruce Lee, who died in 1973. (I also learned that dialogue from thismovie was partially sampled in the song "Bring Da Ruckus" by thehip-hop super-group, the Wu-Tang Clan.)

A tribute to the Shaw Brothers production's Ten Tigers From Kwangtung featuring the venom mob, Alexander Fu Sheng, Ti Lung...

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