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Marcus Terentius Varro (; 116 BC – 27 BC) was an scholar and writer. He is sometimes called Varro Reatinus to distinguish him from his younger contemporary .

Marcus Terentius Varro’s (MAHR-kuhs tuh-REHN-shee-uhsVAR-oh) political career took him to the praetorship. He followed the cause of Pompey the Great in the civil war with Julius Caesar. Following the war, Caesar asked him to found the first public library in Rome, but subsequent events intervened to prevent its founding. Proscribed by Marc Antony in 42 b.c.e. but protected by Octavian (later Augustus), he devoted the rest of his life to scholarship.

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    Marcus Terentius Varro (VAHR-oh) was sometimes called Marcus Terentius Varro Reatinus because he was born in Reate, in the Sabine region of modern Italy. His family, which owned vast estates there, was considered to be of equestrian, or knightly, rank, although certain ancestors had attained noble rank by holding office in the senate. Varro’s parents had the means to obtain for him the best education available at the time. This included a long sojourn in the capital, where he studied under the Stoic Stilo Praeconinus (who taught Cicero ten years later) and afterward a period in Athens, during which he studied philosophy with Antiochus of Ascalon, the academic. Stilo Praeconinus, the first Roman grammarian and philologist, was also a learned historian of Roman antiquity, and under his tutelage Varro soon showed an extraordinary aptitude for these pursuits.

    — (Rieti, 116 adC 27 adC) (Marcus Terentius Varro) fue un polígrafo, militar y funcionario romano. Lugarteniente de Pompeyo durante la guerra civil, fuenombrado por Julio César director de las bibliotecas públicas. A la muerte de Julio César, se le …