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The Art of Asking: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help


The Art of Asking | Amanda Palmer

The one thing this book is lacking, if you're looking for it, is any real formula for The Art of Asking. It feels like the book was written first and the title decided on afterwards because it would be a 'catchy' title to attract more readers if they hadn't heard of the author. There are some anecdotal stories about asking for things, but it's more of a memoir about the last decade or so of the author's life. It wasn't a let down for me though. If you're looking for a cut and dry self-help book, this isn't it. She is/was a struggling artist who has had many interesting career choices and is very candid about all parts of her life. I applaud her for that. I very much enjoyed one anecdotal story that helped her learn how to ask. She began dressing up as a bride in Harvard Square in Boston and would stand on a box and pass out flowers from her bouquet as someone put money in her collection box. A street performer. She wouldn't talk, just stand and pass out flowers to earn money. Her gig became lucrative enough she was able to pay all of her bills. Would have been neat to see this.

Anyway - my reaction to this book is just what I expected. I found myself alternately grinning with affection and cringing with distaste. Some things about Amanda still bother me, and her writing is inseparable from her strong personality. But she has truly written a beautiful book, about art and vulnerability and human connections and love. The Art of Asking is one more thing that I’m thankful to Amanda for.

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The Art of Asking: Ask Better Questions, Get Better Answers
Terry Jay Fadem
No preview available - 2009

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this alternate cover #2 for “the art of asking”, not likely to reach the shelves of your local walmart anytime soon. (see yesterday’s )

In THE ART OF ASKING, Palmer expands upon her popular TED talk to reveal how ordinary people, those of us without thousands of Twitter followers and adoring fans, can use these same principles in our own lives.