The Best Present.By Anna Fraser

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Give the Best Present: The Gift of your Presence By: Celia Alario

Angel: Quiet…QUIET! That’s what you are arguing about? Who’s the best present? Oh dear me. It’s time you all met Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

But this Christmas, a peace was made. And it was made for me. Unknown to me, my eldest son texted my youngest son, and asked him to spare four hours to make the 100-mile trip so they could not only be in the same room together, but – for my sake – to be in the same photograph, with their two siblings, for the first time since 2008. I had no idea what had happened until Christmas Day, when I unwrapped that photograph of all four of my offspring. I was speechless with tears. The best present I have ever been given is my family. To know that I haven’t completely screwed it up. To know that they are able to come together, and perhaps even one day to forgive each other, in their love for me. That’s really something.

Christmas Musicals - The Best Christmas Present Ever

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The Best Christmas Present in the World – Michael Morpurgo

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