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The Darjeeling Limited isn't Wes Anderson's best, but it shows he is trying his best.

Darjeeling Limited

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The Darjeeling Limited

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The Darjeeling Limited plunges to depths he barely touched in The Royal Tenenbaums, the film that most people consider to be his masterpiece. (Besides the fact that it’s the first film they ever saw of his and have since gotten tired of his style; they now hearken back to “The Good Ol’ Flick” they enjoyed in times of yore.) This film not only shows is improvement as a filmmaker, both in visual and storytelling form. Darjeeling succeeds in one of the greatest tenets instilled in me in film school: it shows, and it doesn’t tell. And man, does it show a lot.

With The Darjeeling Limited, Anderson answers the calls of his critics with what is easily his most deep, profound, and personal film yet. But somewhere along the line, this depth got taken as some sort of gag, his ironic twist on real-life emotions and situations. While he tries to mine deep into his characters, their insecurities, their hidden feelings, it’s unfortunately covered up by his intricate, off-beat style. Essentially, we all stopped trying to figure out what the painting is like because we’re too preoccupied looking at the frame, the intricate details surrounding the image, the way it is made. They’re too busy looking at it to try to try and understand. The gift and the curse of a highly visual filmmaker, it seems.

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    The Darjeeling Limited is the second Wes Anderson film I’ve seen. I did mean to check out more of his films since seeing last year, but have not gotten around to it until now for some reason. I will say that this one was a lot easier to get a hold on now that I am a bit more familiar with Anderson’ style. I suspected that might be the case. Though I am a bit more comfortable with it, his style still seems fresh to me and I enjoyed seeing it put to use with this story.