Title: The Only House in Town (1970)

THE ONLY HOUSE IN TOWN (1970) Just some of the fun and games to be found in this motion picture.

Stopover in a Quiet Town

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Ed Wood's The Only House in Town


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“The Only House In Town is about lust, rape, crime, hate, sex, love, money, death, blood, lesbians, orgies, whores, bootleggers and ghosts,” wrote Wood, Jr., in his review. “It is also the story of a house and what that house does to people's minds. The house is old and rundown, the paint is peeling and the place is ready to fall apart. A group of young hippies are living in the place since the rent is cheap and the house is away from the rest of the town.”

“The Only House in Town is one of those rare films that makes me glad I turned down a bright future as a shoe salesman and became a reviewer,” wrote Edward D. Wood, Jr., in Vol. 2, 1st Issue (1970). “This is more than just a good film — in many ways it may be a great film.”

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The Only House in Town

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