Title: The Secret of the Sword (1985)

Secrets of the Sword


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This film was made,primarily,to introduce He-Man's twin sisterShe-Ra,who,inthe 80's,ruled not only every toy department in the world,but were also themain characters in quite possibly one of the most successful cartoons evermade!It is a dark and stormy night on the planet Eternia,and Prince Adam issummoned to Castle Greyskull,by its guardian,the Sorceress,who dispatcheshim on a heroic journey to find the meaning of a mysticalsword!On the planet Etheria,our hero is teamed up with a rebel band of warriorswho have pledged to over-throw the evil Horde,led by Hordak and hisdastardly bunch of villains!It all turns pear-shaped however when our intrepid hero meets his match inthe form of Adora,the blonde,rather attractive ( compared to the othermotley crew Hordak surrounds himself with) captain of the HordeArmy,who,oblivious to the Horde's evil-ways,imprisons our hero on BeastIsland!Will Adora learn of the Horde's evil ways,and see the light!?And will Prince Adam learn the Secret of the Sword!?Well,watch it and find out,as this is a fantastic kids..and bigkids..movie..made back in the days when pace,story-telling,and interestingcharacters,was everything!It can be said,having watched some of the "childrens" films of the last fewyears,that they really dont make films like this anymore!It could all so easily slip into unbearable cuteness at certain stages,butthe wit and pace of the film,never drags it down!A superb family film..only after watching it again,i do wish i were a 10year old boy again,running around with a plastic sword shouting "I HAVE THEPOWER!"

Either way at the end of the day He-Man And She-Ra the Secret of the Sword is a great movie for any child out there no matter the gender and I give it a 7 out of 10.

Title: The Secret of the Sword (1985) 7.3 /10

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The Alternate Footage pictures were used in the "The Secret of The Sword," but in a slightly different manner; generally fade-ins and fade-outs whereas "The Secret of The Sword" used transitional stock clips.

NARRATOR: A millennium after its time of glory, discover the Secrets of the Viking Sword, right now on this NOVA/National Geographic special.