The Spiderwick Chronicles by Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

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Film The Spiderwick Chronicles

The Spiderwick Chronicles takes place in New England, United States, when young twins Simon and Jared (both played by Freddie Highmore) and their older sister Mallory move into the decrepit Spiderwick Estate. They discover a field guide to faeries written by the house's previous owner, Arthur Spiderwick, and soon begin to notice faeries throughout the estate. However, Mulgarath, a shape-shifting ogre, wants the field guide so that he can rule over all faerie-kind (and possibly humans as well) and so attacks the children in an attempt to obtain it.

I read the Spiderwick Chronicles back when I was quite young, maybe eight or nine. My sister and I read the crap out these books (we must have read them 15 times, no joke) and I've been wanting to revist this series and the wonderful fantasy world that Holly and Tony created for awhile now but I've finally gotten around to it.

One thrilling adventure -- The Spiderwick Chronicles!

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The Spiderwick Chronicles is a 2008 fantasy film adaptation of Holly Black and Tony DiTerlizzi's bestselling series of the same name. Set in the Spiderwick Estate in , it follows the adventures of Simon, Mallory, and Jared Grace as they discover a field guide to and battle goblins and other magical creatures. It was directed by and stars Freddie Highmore, , , , and Seth Rogen.

The Spiderwick Chronicles is a third person adventure game in which players can take control of the three Graces during the game’s story which seems to be based loosely around the movie. What you’ll be getting up to is hunting for items, battling monsters and collecting sprites. Although the game world is fairly small, comprising of a woodland area, the uncle’s mansion, a quarry, some caves and a few other areas; what you are tasked with doing within the areas can take some time. I would imagine more so for the younger gamers in which the game is probably most suited. The general story is fairly simple and at times will have you control miniture character Thimbletack as he scurries through the mansion walls to find items or help the Graces with their tasks. Each of the children has their own theme with Simon who wields a goblin busting spray gun, Jared who prefers a good old baseball bat and the more refined Mallory who is an expert with swords. Combat comes thick and fast and although there is little variety in the goblins, there sure are plenty of them to make your questing more painful.