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Thunder on the Farm

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Over 200 hours of footage was captured for this project, which enabled the dedicated team to showcase the absolute best of the best. "Thunder on the Farm" was shot in states ranging from Arkansas to Michigan during the summer of 2006. Every moment is a jewel, punctuated with color and natural sounds, and baby birds and bobbing flowers and wildlife meandering through their tiny worlds.

At mid-summer (mid-day), the sun-baked farm experiences a downpour of summer rain with the crashing thunder of an electrical storm. The close of "Thunder on the Farm" takes you through the aftermath of the summer rain and the dawn of autumn with a combine combing cornfields under the harvest moon.

Thunder on the Farm: 2nd Annual Mike Zeigler Sr

Thunder on the Farm | Wisconsin Public Television

The high definition video brings astounding crisp images to the screen and showcases the complex world that goes on around a small farm in the Midwest. "Thunder on the Farm" was featured at the 2007 Ozark Foothills Film Festival and has been airing on public televison in Toledo for almost a year with glowing viewer feedback.

"It is an amazing film that really creates its own visual language to lament the loss of rural landscape and all that represents. (Thunder on the Farm) is a real treasure…"-Bob