Topiary Trees flanking party table.

TWO Pre-potted 4' Spiral Boxwood Artificial Topiary Trees. In Plastic Pot

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Topiary trees require just a little bit more work than other trees when it comes to caring for them. While other trees can be left to grow unchecked without severely altering their appearance, to keep topiaries looking their best they must be continuously trimmed back into shape. Some regular pruning on top of standard tree maintenance can help your topiary trees retain their original design and keep them healthy.

Feed topiary trees that are planted in pots and plant beds at least every few weeks with flower food until the plant has fully formed or filled out. Use fertilizer or manure around the base of the plant and replace it once each year to provide extra nutrients.

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    Brush snow gently off of topiary trees after a snowfall. The weight of snow can easily break branches, which will create holes in the topiary design.

    Outdoor topiary trees are for display to transform your garden outs most climate conditions and the other outdoor material we use is limited UV protection. We offer two types of outdoor topiaries, the first being made of polyblend material that can endure most artic/heat weather conditions. We even offer real topiary trees that grow in your garden.