So if you find true love hold on to the end

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J. Lo now an author, and seeker of 'True Love'

But it is true that this is the first step to that amazing feeling. The true love is something more then falling in love. She is at the first place trust, because without him every relationship is fated and can’t survive a long time. When you have trust in your partner you are anxiety-free. That must be shared because when the one person in the relationship believes in the other, but the other don’t do this, this leads to problems and probably to broke up. The true love is a friendship. You must to can be not only lover to your partner, you must be his friend.

Your partner must be the man from who you can ask for advice and who you can say your secrets, because he will not say to no one else this things, he wouldn’t be betrayed you. It is a true love when you can talk about everything with the person who you are in love with. Exactly the talking is the most important thing for the true love, because when the partners talk, they can find a decision to every problem, which they have. One big part of the couples breaking up, because they can’t or don’t want to talk. When the love is a true love, she can survive everything. Every problem is a test for the feelings and strength of one relationship. The true love is help. When you really love someone you are ready to help him right away and to do everything for him.

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    What is true love? The true love is something that everyone wants to feel, but it is a fact that only a little part of the people has the luck to meet her. What is actually the true love? That is the most beautiful thing that can happen to someone, because that is one shared feeling. When you meet someone and fall in love with him that is not the true love still. If this person shares your feelings that still is not the true love.

    Usually the real requirements of true love and support are quite opposite from those that the ego would consider supportive. Ego would assert, "If you really loved me, you would support me in my alcoholism. If you really loved me, you would support me staying in my marriage, even though I'm being abused and losing my self-esteem day by day." Honestly, would a friend do something like that?