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Aside from its geometric shape and the high entertainment value, Cube has very little in common with the other puzzles here. First, designed by artist Mark Boulding, it’s visually stunning. Second, it consists of eight pieces—four black and four white—and is made to be taken apart. Third, as Jonathan discovered, unlike the twisting puzzles, there’s really only one way to solve (reassemble) Cube, which makes it less of a challenge for determined cubers. But who says you have to limit yourself to cubes? What we found especially fun is that you can assemble the pieces into all sorts of other shapes and structures. If you have more than one Cube, you can combine the pieces and build even bigger things. Ages 6+. Under $20.

What you see isn’t always what you get! PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzles are new and unique puzzle adventures with exciting and unexpected twists! Piece by piece, something surprising awaits as your puzzle is revealed. It’s jigsaw with a bit more challenge and a ton more fun! Once you’ve been twisted, you’ll never go back.

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    After a two month journey from Poland to Twisty Puzzles Head Quarters, I am pleased to offer the in the . It is similar in movement and complexity to a spherical Megaminx, and currently comes in three different styles: , and .

    My name is Tony Fisher and this website covers the twisty puzzles I have created plus other puzzle related topics. The main photo above shows many of the ones that I have made though the list below is far more comprehensive. Just click on any thumbnail for pages containing information, photos and videos. Most of these puzzle are not for sale but the small number that are can be seen in my Puzzle Store, category - . The other categories are listed above.