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Ex-Depeche Mode man Alan Wider must have a sinister streak a mile wide. Assisted by guest vocalists, his Recoil project plums the unpleasant psychological depths that Depeche only toyed with, and the claustrophobic darkness of the music is drenched in a similar sinister pessimism to the film ‘Seven’. Strangely enthralling and genuinely disturbing; if you’re listening to ‘Unsound Methods’ a lot you, should probably see a psychiatrist.

Wilder is the key player throughout, creating dense, atmospheric soundscapes rich in dub and hip hop overtones. Whether Depeche Mode fans will enjoy Wilder’s new direction is debatable but ‘Unsound Methods’ is compulsive listening.

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    Now to a review of the years albums and my ten that should grace the serious muso’s collection. From all musical genre, at the head of the the table should be seated last months much talked about Recoil, ‘Unsound Methods’, the most notably weird album of ‘97. Few come along that have such a deep seated effect on your life.

    Anyone who hasn't come across 'Unsound Methods' should rush out and get a copy right now because it was one of the best albums of last year and goes to show how the boundaries of pop music can be pushed beyond the accepted candyfloss drivel that we have come to accept as the standard these days. 'Stalker' starts off as a very dark and very moody fim track-ish piece with half discernible Brando-esque muttering.