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Another common feature of committee priority bills is what is referred to as a package bill. With between 400 and 500 bills introduced in a typical “short session”, committees will often combine multiple bills dealing with the same subject into one bill. One of the Urban Affairs Committee’s priority bills, , is an example of a package bill, as it combines three bills dealing with the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act:

The Urban Affairs Committee’s second priority bill this session is , a technical bill designed as a “clean-up” of various statutes that deal with the adoption of local building codes.

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10:00 AM
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Public hearing on HB 1101.
Bucks County Administration Bldg.
Commissioner's Meeting Room
55 E. Court St., 1st floor
Doylestown, PA

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In addition to each senator’s personal priority bill, each standing committee of the Legislature can designate two bills as committee priority bill. While committee priority designations are at the discretion of the committee chair, most committee priority bills tend to be consensus bills that have the unanimous support of committee members. This is the case with both of the Urban Affairs Committee’s priority bills this session.

In addition to the two committee priority bills, two other bills that were heard by the Urban Affairs Committee this session have been prioritized by individual senators. The Legislature will likely be taking up both bills in the coming weeks.