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Sharing with some one some thing interesting that you have just read can be a wonderful feeling for you, but if you do not find some one to share your thoughts about what you have read is very disappointing. Joining a Urban Book Club can satisfy your this need. It is not that difficult to find an Urban Book Club if you are in regular contact with books. This means you must be visiting book shops, libraries or reading newspaper and journals. These are the main sources where you can look for an Urban Club near your locality.

I am currently in the process of putting together The Urban Book Thief, mainly as a pedestal for writing book reviews, yet also as a holy shrine to worship the book gods.

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To do that in a somehow structured way, I collected a stack of urban art related publications by different publishers which I’ll introduce to you one after another during the first half of November. And to extend this Urban Art Books & Mags Special and to bring joy to some of you I will also give away some of the presented printed works. So make sure to check out the upcoming book and magazine reviews!

Daniel Brook's achievement does not exactly rival that of building the world's tallest skyscraper or pulling a new Paris out of frozen mud, but he makes a good showing nonetheless. History of Future Cities is either a history book with an incredible urban sensibility or an urban book with an impressive grasp of history. Either way, it does for the cities of St. Petersburg, Mumbai, Shanghai, and Dubai something that few urban histories ever do: it makes them interesting.