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Weekend Fling

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Weekend Fling by Reana Malori turns out to be anything but and what really results is a sweet romance and the uniting of a fun and unforgettable couple. The main characters are brought to life through detailed description of their personalities and each has little quirks which make them more realistic. Kara is known for talking to herself and Austin is the consummate knight without the white horse. The sexual encounters between Kara and Austin are sweet and sensual. Their ethnicity does not become an issue until his parents are introduced and Kara wonders whether Austin’s father’s aloofness is as a result of his displeasure with her ethnicity. Eventually she realizes this is not the case and they resolve their differences. The union between Austin and Kara results in a beautiful biracial baby.

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After a weekend fling that meant more than it was supposed to, Kara Thomas finds out she's pregnant with Austin Delaney's child. Kara doesn't want to trap Austin into being a father, and she knows he has a very dangerous job as a Navy Seal. However, she realizes she made the wrong choice in not telling Austin about her pregnancy when he shows up at her door unexpectedly. Austin doesn't know if he's ready to be a father, but he knows that he wants Kara. When he finds out she's having his baby, he's determined to make her his wife, in every sense of the word.

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