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oh don’t start me on that progress crap- i remember doing interviews and being told in the uk there was no progress in my lessons, this was even after i had gotten professional help in teaching and preparing the lessons from a man who trains teachers himself and is very high up in education. When I asked for feedback in the schools over the progress I was refused, the manners and ethics in these schools are an absolute disgrace and certainly does not portray the uk system nicely to people being interviewed from overseas. The same thing happened to several of my friends.

Acting as the vanguard of their attack, Blackbeard initiated his crew's assault by using his Devil Fruit powers to increase the gravity upon the ground from which Whitebeard stood, binding him in place, and then used Kurouzu to pull Whitebeard into his grasp to nullify the latter's powers. Unfortunately for Blackbeard, this did not completely deter the Yonko, who struck Teach down using his bisento, sending him to the ground. Whitebeard then proceeded to reprimand him that overconfidence and rashness were his weaknesses and continued by placing a strong grip around Teach's neck and sent a powerful shock wave bubble at point-blank range upon his head, once again sending a massive tremor throughout Marineford.

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    It is true: there are a few PGCE students who saw teaching as a stepping stone. A handful of people on my course had a career mapped out as a literacy advisor or in publishing resources for schools while they were studying. They saw teaching as the starting point of something else. Sadly, I don’t know whether they made it or not. Surprisingly, I didn’t keep in contact as they devalued what I was doing.

    I agree, I’ve been teaching for 13 years now and it is killing me. The expectations are ludicrous , teachers are exploited and frankly manipulated. It is a job with a shelf life which I wish id known before I went into it. The heads etc have no conscience. Teachers are treated like machines, they receive no support, they are put upon like no other profession and they are the least respected not only by the general public, but by parents, employers, government… well let’s face it we get respect from no where. I have been told that I am not a failure but a success at having survived it so long compared to the statistics. I know NQTS who are crying and overloaded in their first term. We are not allowed, god forbid to have a life, we say no to things we would actually like to do because of the work load, because of the repetition and the form filling, statistic crunching nonsense that no one even looks at, yes we are accountable, don’t we know it! Who is accountable for the unfair and immoral way we are treated? Why has it not been picked up that teachers are leaving, why doesn’t some one high up look at the statistics of the average age teacher still in employment and WHY? WHY are so many going off sick? It speaks for itself but then I guess the truth Is hard for anyone to swallow, a nation run by people in charge who treat teachers, who are real people, the way they do are bringing up the next generation with morals like that.