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William C. Whitney, Modern Warwick (American Political Leaders series)

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William Collins Whitney - born on 5 July 1841 in Conway, Mass.- received his higher education at Yale and Harvard and settled in New York City to practice law. As corporation counsel of that city between 1875 and 1882, Whitney completely reorganized and simplified the work of his department, thus saving taxpayers thousands of dollars annually.

Bombardier William Cornealous Whitney was born on 4 September 1919. He was the son of Robert and Emily Whitney, of Wolverhampton, Staffordshire and had a younger sister, Elizabeth. His death devastated his family.

The Gilded Age Era: William C. Whitney Mansion New York City

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    William Collins Whitney (July 5, 1841 -February 2, 1904) was an American political leader and and founder ofthe prominent . He served as in the firstCleveland administration from 1885 through 1889. A conservativereformer, he was considered a .

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