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A Desperate Place for Dying: A Garrison Gage Mystery


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William Carter was an artist-in-resident in this American closet. His works are a conclusive chronicle of that experience. Moreover, these works leave an indelible legacy of his escape and eventual freedom as an an important American artist. To look at Carter's work is to read a poignant visual journal of vital American history. In it, the observer will see the urban spirit, the hopes, the reason and the earthly pleasures of a people who yet remain confined within the American closet. More significantly, the observer perceives a profound admiration for the irony, perplexity and cohesiveness which govern the daily life of this people. Through this, the observer can share Carter's view of life that tomorrow will always be the brightest day of one's life.

Public records analyzed by from the Vanderburgh County Sheriff's Office show that the suspect, Carter, was detained on Sunday, April 26th, 2015. He has been charged on multiple counts. Investigation conducted by show William Carter may have been arrested at least four other times.

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  • William Grayson Carter (died 1849), American politician from Kentucky
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    When William Carter had seen his family safely into lifeboat 4 he joined Harry Widener and advised him to try for a boat before they were all gone. But Harry replied that he would rather take a chance and stick with the ship.