Worldly Leaders vs. Spiritual Leaders

The Three Tasks of Leadership: Worldly Wisdom for Pastoral Leaders


National Language and its Importance for Worldly Leadership

Worldly Leadership is the first of its kind to bring together non-western, indigenous, and eastern perspectives on leadership. It offers a number of radically different ways of thinking about the process of leadership and presents a challenge to conventional mainstream theory. Each chapter draws on recent research from different cultures and societies to bring alternative leadership wisdoms and insights into the practice of leadership for today's complex world. As such, this book calls for a pooling of contemporary and ancient leadership wisdoms from all parts of the globe and contrasts these with the popular construct of 'global leadership'. Scholars and practitioners who believe in the 'globality' of management and leadership relate global leadership to multiple organizational themes such as change, culture, performance, values, globalization, environment, vision and strategy. However, what concerns the authors of this book is how leadership is practiced in contemporary organizations and whether it is meaningful to speak of 'global leadership' at all.

PART I: WORLDLY LEADERSHIP FRAMES Introduction: The Emerging Case for Worldly Leadership National Language and its Importance for Worldly Leadership Leadership Development as a Catalyst for Social Change: Lessons from a Pan-African Programme The Internationalization of Leadership Development Using the Worldly Leadership Lens to Approach the Task of Developing Women Leaders Worldly Leadership and Concepts of Community PART II: WORLDLY LEADERSHIP RESEARCH Children's Image of Leadership in China Implicit Leadership in Iran: Differences Between Leader and Boss and Gender Leadership in the Arab Middle East: Does the Islamic Tradition Provide a Basis for 'Worldly Leadership'? Worldly Leadership through Local Knowledge: Discovering Voices of Emirati Women Business Leaders Worldly Leadership in Pakistan Seth Organizations: An Empirical Challenge to the Concept of Global Leadership Linking the Worldly Mindset with an Authentic Leadership Approach: an Exploratory Study in a Middle-Eastern Context The Modern Challenges Facing Traditional Igbo Village Leadership Influences, Tensions, and Competing Identities in Indian Business Leaders' Stories The Competing and Paradoxical Identities in the Narratives of 21st Century Russian Leaders

Worldly Leadership and Concepts of Community

  • National Language and its Importance for Worldly Leadership

    Schedlitzki, Doris

    Pages 17-31

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  • Chapter 21: Global Leadership and Worldly Leadership

    This book brings together non western, indigenous and eastern perspectives on leadership. Leadership theory has for too long been the exclusive domain of western academics developing leadership theories from the perspective of western institutions. Worldly leadership calls for pooling of the combined leadership wisdoms from all parts of the globe.

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