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The Guardian, sick of all the "best of" lists, decided to figure out what the worst books of the decade have been. Asking for reader suggestions, Guar...

I don't even want to get into Amazon or iBooks' selfpublishing sections. But if you want to risk your mental health, please feel free to post the worst books you can find in the comments. []

Worst Books | 30 Types of Women (and One Man) You Meet at Book Club

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blog set up by two public spirited librarians from Detroit cataloguing the worst books on library shelves has become an unexpected internet hit. From the 1983 hit Hanging Out - The Upside Down Exercise Book, to Vans: The Personality Vehicles, Holly Hibner and Mary Kelly hope that drawing attention to the books will encourage fellow librarians to clear their collections of obsolete, and just plain dreadful, titles.

Why on earth is this on here? We are talking about the bible. Why would it be on a list of worst books. I have never been so offended. People live their lives off of this. Keep your negative opinions on religious books to yourself for crying out loud!