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YumUniverse: Infinite Possibilities for a Gluten-Free, Plant-Powerful, Whole-Food Lifestyle


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Heather is one of many food bloggers who puts me to shame; every time I head over to YumUniverse, it seems that she has yet another innovative, tasty recipe on offering, as well as exquisite photographs (as I fumble to catch a photo of my morning smoothie with my iPhone). Her food is always gluten free, and other allergy-specific options abound (including many soy free recipes). And beyond all that, Heather feels strongly about creating community, evidenced in her new directory of plant-based businesses, her frequent challenges and giveaways, and her reasonably priced eBooks.

If you’ve never taken a peek at the sumptuous photos, plentiful recipes, or fun workout videos at , I’m officially issuing you an invitation to check the site out. YumUniverse is the creation of Heather Crosby, a plant-based recipe developer, fitness expert, and health coach (she completed T. Colin Campbell’s program at Cornell).

By Heather Crosby, founder, YumUniverse

Serena_87 More than 1 year ago
My friend told me about YumUniverse the website, and I discovered the book and knew I had to check it out! I'm a gluten-free vegan, but I love how this book isn't about one particular way of eating, but about how to just incorporate a healthy lifestyle with lots of whole foods. It's not about eating meat or not although the vegan recipes are perfect for how I've chosen to eat. I saw some reviews where people were disappointed about the lack of recipes (there are lots, trust me) so if you're just expecting recipes from page one to the end you might feel a little disappointed. It's really a book about incorporating a whole, healthy lifestyle and giving you practical tools to do it with plenty of recipes and tips to get you started! (Heather is a great writer too and you'll feel encouraged, not discouraged!). The first part of book she shares her own story, and there are tips and information and concepts about health in the first part that she makes super easy to understand. I'm learning tons and I recommend this book!

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Living a plant based lifestyle means doing my best for my body and the planet everyday. I would love to own YumUniverse to add some variety to my life by trying out Heather’s recipes!

Okay, so you’re all probably already familiar with , but now there’s a book, too! And the thing this, YumUniverse: Infinite possibilities for a gluten-free, plant-powerful, whole-food lifestyle is more than just a cookbook. Heather Crosby provides tons of background information on food science, nutritionism, and even a whole section of fruits and veggie storage! Basically, this book could be the perfect go-to for a new vegan. Perhaps there’s someone on your Christmas list who would appreciate a copy…?