— Zack Bowen, Chairman Dept. of English University of Delaware

James Joyce's 'Ulysses' Lestrygonians

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From the suicide note found on Zackery Bowen's body:

I took a class with Zack Bowen at Harpur College / SUNY Binghamton in 1972. He memorably opened my eyes to how much I was missing in my first reading of The Sun Also Rises. I remember too how big his presence was – he filled the large lecture hall with it . . .

In the documentary “” which played at this week’s New Orleans Film Festival, Margaret Sanchez is the star narrator, describing how her “very best friends,” Zack Bowen and Addie Hall fell in love in the desperate early days after the hurricane. Bowen and Hall worked at French Quarter bars, and they were among the first Quarter residents to try to survive in the barely functioning city.

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  • Photo by Cheryl Gerber
  • Author Ethan Brown in front of Zackery Bowen's apartment, upstairs from a voodoo shop, where Adrianne 'Addie' Hall's dismembered body was found by police.

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Zack Bowen is a Savannah for-hire fisherman who owns and operates Guess Hoo Charters out of Savannah, GA. He has owned this business since 2005 and has guided since 1999 for species including snapper, grouper, black sea bass, amberjack, wahoo, king and Spanish mackerel, Tuna, dolphin, and billfish.

James Joyce used music and musical allusion in ways that no other writer has attempted. "Ulysses" alone contains more than 800 song references, many as dependent upon music as lyrics. In these retrospective essays, Zack Bowen, the leading expert on Joyce and music, describes this bond between music and Joyce's fiction, explaining how musical allusions inform both individual passages and the theme or structure of entire works.