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Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina


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For us, the stories of Hurricane Katrina exist under the label of contemporary realistic fiction. However, for many young readers, Katrina occurred before they existed or before they had solid memories of the world. For these readers, ZANE AND THE HURRICANCE: A Story of Katrina is a work of historical fiction. Regardless of the label applied to Philbrick’s newest novel, readers will find a realistic, relatable and touching account of Hurricane Katrina from the eyes of two “outsiders,” Philbrick and Zane.

Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina.
Philbrick, Rodman (author).

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Summary/Reviews: Zane and the hurricane

Zane Dupree, the main character in ZANE AND THE HURRICANE, happens to be in the worst place at the very worst time. Zane has traveled from New Hampshire to New Orleans to meet the great grandmother he didn’t know existed just a short while ago, Miss Trissy. Because Zane’s mother is desperate for Zane to build a connection with the paternal side of the family --- Zane’s father died before he was born --- she wants to send Zane to New Orleans to meet Miss Trissy immediately. Zane protests to no avail, but is eventually allowed to bring his dog and best friend, Bandit, along for the trip.

I was blessed to hear Philbrick speak about ZANE AND THE HURRICANE recently and was particularly struck by the attention he paid to being an outsider and struggling with who has the right to tell a story. Philbrick has spent much of his life living along a coast and is no stranger to the storms that come with this locale. He always knew he wanted to write a story about the natural disasters that are common on the coast and when Hurricane Katrina struck, he knew he had the topic of his story.