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Zee What I Zaw in Wells, VT 05774 - Chamber of Commerce

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Strong's Hebrew Dictionary: 2125. Ziyzah (zee-zaw')

I knew the previous owners of Villa Zee Zaw, Dr. and Mrs. Donald Duff, and was pleased to come across your blog when I searched on the name of that delightful house. I’m sure your home and garden are great inspirations to you, and it is nice to know that the house is in such wonderful hands.

6 a.m.
Doing a morning, home at Villa Zee Zaw is a welcome break in the routine. With some “Old Grandpa” roasted to the limits of darkness by Urth Cafe in my Wedgwood cup I’m ready for some thinking.

Strong's Hebrew Dictionary: 2124. Ziyza' (zee-zaw')

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