fat kid gets a zit popped in his ear

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The EZ Zit Popper pops zits hygienically

Each insane box of Zit Poppers Candy contains 3.25 ounces of candy zits. That’s approximately 16 zits. (We can’t believe we’re even WRITING this.) The zits are soft and sticky, and if you squeeze them hard enough, a bloody candy ooze seeps out. Those of you courageous enough to eat Zit Poppers will discover they have a wonderful strawberry and watermelon flavor. (We checked the box, and no actual blood, puss, or sputum is used in making the candy.)

Well, sick minds think alike, because some troubled candy company has come out with ZIT POPPERS CANDY! They’re so gross, they might be worse than eating real zits. (Okay, we exaggerate…. but just a little.)

Girl Talk: I’m A Compulsive Zit Popper - The Frisky

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  • Pop That Zit - 4 Years Of Zit Popping Magic by Pop That Zit

    Almost nothing can affect ones self-confidence and feelings of attractiveness as quickly and as negatively as that bane of adolescent existence – the pimple. When these unwanted eruptions arise, one method of attack we can employ is the time honored tradition of pimple popping.

    Pimple popping can be the fastest way to rid oneself of a blemish, but it is important to have a good understanding of the best methods of doing so. While many have merit and will likely work, to keep acne from spreading and scars from forming, and ensure the blemish is eliminated for good, you’ll want to go with one that is tried and true.

    As an esthetician, on this page I will discuss how to pop that pimple safely and effectively. See if your zit popping procedure falls in line.

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