Gudrības zobas kapuces likvidēšana

Vrzel, ki nastane po ekstrakciji zoba, je mogoče oskrbeti:

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Mares 3 zoba ost brez lukenj ima 3 zobe za lov po luknjah. Narejena je iz nerjavečega jekla.

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After the 10th century BCE, Zobah is not mentioned in the , but the city of , which is mentioned in the annals of as having been conquered by him in the 7th century BCE, is probably identical with it (compare Schrader, "K. B." ii. 217). The same city is mentioned in some broken lists of towns in connection with Hamath and Damascus. It also appears (as "Aram-Zobah") in the chapter of Psalm 60.

From the 11th century, it was common Rabbinic usage to apply the term "Aram Zobah" to the area of , and this is perpetuated by to this day. However, (882‒942 CE), in his translation () of the book of Psalms has identified Aram-zobah with .

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  • Hamath-zobah
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    Its king, , allied with against , who defeated Zobah and made the kingdom tributary to ( 10.). In this war, Arameans from across the came to Hadadezer's aid (II Sam. 10:16). Upon the accession of , Zobah became independent of Israel (compare xi. 23 et seq.). , a city belonging to Hadadezer (II Sam. 8:8) is identified by many with ( xlvii. 16), which was between and . Zobah was probably located near this city, though claims to have identified Zobah with . On either view, the area in question would be found in the far south of Syria and parts of Lebanon.

    Zoba Ma'akel is situated in Maakel, Eritrea. Original name (with diacritics) of the place is Zoba Ma’ākel. Geonames-ID: 448501. maps, photos and images from google. Read wikipedia articles about and around . Other places near . More information about . This placemark was added 2010-12-02.