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American Quilter Magazine May 2014

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Cast out the Zoom Baby Brush Hogs

And today zoombaby and I are going to visit a community garden! I have been wanting to go for a long time but have been lazy, no other word for it, I knew when it was open to the public, but today will be different! I think it will be a good way for us to learn how to garden, and for zoombaby to develop an interest hopefully in gardening.

I am struggling to write this blog, my problem is that I am not good at finishing things, I have half a dozen half written articles so I think I’m just going to post what I have starting today.
Having zoombaby around has made me a lot more aware of the food we eat, where it comes from, pesticide use, and all the preservatives used in preprepared food. Sooooo…

This high quality bait is sure to help you reel in some big ones

Zoom, Zoom, Baby!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book

Anyway, zoombaby is waking up so I’m off he is such a beautiful little boy! We are so lucky! He has taught himself to lower to the floor from standing several days ago, and is cruising around, only holding onto things with one hand, he will be walking before we know it! He has started bringing me books so that I will read to him, I love it! My only problem at the moment is that I plan to start weaning soon… I have not got a clue as to how we are going to get him to sleep at night once I stop, but if that is the only cloud on our horizon then I think we’re doing pretty well!

Second night in a row where zoombaby has woken up in the early night and needed a feed to get back to sleep. Gah! He is a bit sick and we are hoping that this is the only reason, not the heating up of the weather as we head into summer (we have a long way to go!). Having a crying baby at night time is the worst! We don’t really know what’s wrong and feel so helpless, he just wants us but when he gets us them that’s the wrong thing too.. Poor little zoom😦. He was awake for hours last night and my husband and I were zombies today. Eventually I got him to sleep by feeding him in our bed for half an hour, he still woke up at 5 though. That is the hardest thing for me, not knowing what to do or what the matter is. He is such a beautiful boy and I just want him to be happy! Tired as my husband and I were today though, zoom baby can still make us smile so easily. He is the best thing that has ever happened to us! Hope he is better soon!