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Mark Richard Zubro is the Lambda Literary Award winning author of two gay mystery series - the Tom & Scott series featuring high school teacher Tom Mason and his lover professional baseball player Scott Carpenter, and the Paul Turner series, featuring gay Chicago Police Detective Paul Turner. He is a high-school teacher, and president of the teacher's union, in the Chicago suburb of Mokena, Illinois.

Mark Zubro is the author of thirty-two novels and five short stories. His book won the lambda Literary Award for Best Gay Men’s mystery. Dying to Play is his most recent mystery and features gay private eye Mike King. His latest book is the third and last volume in his epic gay science fiction trilogy . Mark spends his time reading, writing, napping, and eating chocolate.

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It was great to get back onto a murder case with Turner and Fenwick. I have read almost all of Mr. Zubro’s books but still think the Paul Turner and Buck Fenwick series is best. A dirty cop is found murdered at an exclusive gay leatherman’s party with a huge dildo up his butt and a string of orgasm balls down his throat. Turner and Fenwick are assigned to the case, which leads them down dangerous trails on massive corruption in the Chicago Police Department. They are constantly blocked by the blue code of silence among the cops until they finally unravel the conspiracy. I love the banter between the gay Turner and the straight Fenwick that runs through the book. The scenes at the leather party were well written and while there was no sex in the book, it was talked about. The story flowed well and kept me guessing as to the why did they do it right to the end. Zubro in true form turned out an excellent, fun mystery. I recommend all of Mark Richard Zubro’s mysteries to anyone wanting a good light mystery.

Zubro, tipo Psíquico-Veneno. Zubro acostumbra a envenenar las charcas de las cuevas, cuando un aventurero bebe de éstas y enferma, un grito hambriento atraviesa la oscuridad.